10 Questions

Question 1Which of the following statements is TRUE?Answer[removed]The breathing zone is defined as a two-foot diameter sphere around the worker’s head and shoulders.[removed]Impingers are plastic containers also known as a bubbler or gas-wash bottle.[removed]The LOD or the LOQ represent the largest amount of contaminant that can be reliably detected and quantified.[removed]BEIs, while not a substitute for TLVs or PELs, are useful as complementary data points in evaluating a worker’s absorption of a hazardous material.4 pointsQuestion 2What term was first used to measure and describe bioeffluent odor load produced by a standard building occupant (person)?Answer[removed]pCi[removed]BOD (biological oxygen demand)[removed]IAQN (IAQ normal)[removed]Olf4 pointsQuestion 3Which of the following are nonspecific instruments that are most often used to detect organic vapors, such as alcohols, ketones, and ethers?Answer[removed]Wheatstone bridges[removed]ICP analysis[removed]PID’s[removed]Sorbent tubes4 pointsQuestion 4Match the correct instrument or technique with its principle of analysis and pertinent analytes.Answer[removed]Infrared spectrometry can use column travel time to identify metals.[removed]ICP can use intensity of absorbance at specific wavelengths to identify organic compounds.[removed]MS uses intensity of ions formed to identify metals and organics.[removed]AA uses patterns of energy absorption to identify organics.4 pointsQuestion 5When converting from mg/m to ppm, or from ppm to mg/m, the constant that represents the volume, in liters, of one mole of gas at STP is _________.Answer[removed]250 C[removed]24.450 C[removed]24.45[removed]22.5 ppm/mg4 pointsQuestion 6Most HVAC systems fall into all of the following main types EXCEPT:Answer[removed]multiple zone and variable volume.[removed]multiple zone and constant volume.[removed]single-zone and constant volume.[removed]single-zone and intermittent volume.4 pointsQuestion 7What fungal infection usually affects the lungs, resulting in allergic response, or serious injury, sometimes even causing death?Answer[removed]Legionnaire’s disease[removed]Histoplasmosis[removed]Hanta Virus[removed]Sick building syndrome4 pointsQuestion 8Which of the following is a FALSE statement?Answer[removed]The pCi unit is used to describe radon and its daughters in terms of their activity.[removed]The OSHA regulation on asbestos does require air monitoring during an abatement action.[removed]The 1995 revisions to the OSHA regulations for asbestos require that building owners identify the asbestos-containing materials present in their buildings.[removed]Radon is a direct decay product of uranium-238.4 pointsQuestion 9Which of the following statements is TRUE?Answer[removed]Mold, mildew, and other microbes growing on filter media can be caused by wet or dirty filters.[removed]Sampling in the presence of interfering compounds will not cause errors in air sampling.[removed]The response of a direct-reading instrument to a particular gas does not depend on what gas was used to calibrate the instrument.[removed]Nephelometry depends upon MS not GC instrumentation.4 pointsQuestion 10The most commonly used filter is _________.Answer[removed]PVC filter[removed]Glass fiber filter[removed]Teflon filter[removed]MCEF filter

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