2 reply posts for discussion

urgentTutorDiscussion Assignment InstructionsInstructions1.  The reply posts may be more conversational but should still be focused on the discussion prompt/topic.2.  To encourage the development and demonstration of your own thoughts, direct quotes are not allowed in our discussions (either the initial thread or the replies) except for brief quotes from Scripture. Please note that if you choose to include direct quotes they will not be considered in the final word count.Formatting/Mechanics1.  Two reply posts are required. Each reply must include at least 150 but not more than 250 words.2.  The source of any information included that is not considered common knowledge must be identified with a citation.3.  Each source cited must be included in a reference list at the end of your posts.4.  At least two citations must be included in each initial thread (one from the textbook and one from Scripture).5.  At least one textbook citation must be included in each reply post.6.  Direct quotes should not be included except brief passages from Scripture.

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