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Need help to write an Employment Law essay with case law and statutory law citied.

For each assignment in this course, you will be presented with two questions: A legal question and a practical advice question.

For the legal question, please answer the question using appropriate case law and/or statutory law. You do NOT need to use a full-fledged IRAC-type essay, but you should clearly identify the legal issue, cite appropriate authority and properly apply the authority to the question at hand.

For the advice question, you will be asked to suggest how an employer should undertake an action or policy in a way that is legal and appropriate. You do not need to cite authority (though you may), but your advice should be consistent with the principles you learned in this course.

Legal Question

Logan says her boss, Diego, told her and five other women that they were his top employees but none of them would be offered promotional opportunities with the company. When asked for an explanation, Diego told them that some of his traditional clients told him they would refuse to work with women, and if any of those clients decided to take their work to another vendor, he would suffer a significant economic loss. In private conversation, Diego also told Logan she should be patient because she was in the early stages of her career and therefore still has time to receive a promotion with the company. Please discuss whether Diego’s conduct violates any federal regulations and why. Please cite appropriate legal authority.

Advice Question

Brandi owns a large department store and wants her employees to feel connected to one another because she is confident this will inspire them to become better salespeople. For this reason, Randy tells her staff that all future salary increases will be based on how thoroughly each employee becomes “immersed in the company’s culture.” Please discuss any potential reasons that there might be adverse legal issues regarding this policy. How should Brandi enforce this idea

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