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Entrepreneurship Management -Entrepreneurship

80 words on each questions

  1. If you have helped a company go into international trade, please share your experience and what obstacles your company faced.

  2. What are some advantages and disadvantages that small business would have in international trade?

  3. Has anyone had to sign a noncompete agreement for employment?  What was your experience with it?  If not have you heard good or bad about them?  What are your thoughts from an employer/employee standpoint regarding a noncompete?  Are they worth it? Are they really enforceable? 

  4. How much say, involvement, oversight etc. should government have in creating and enforcing safety laws and various regulations over businesses?  How much responsibility should fall on businesses to make their own standards and policies to be good stewards of the community?  Explain. 

  5. After interviewing your entrepreneur, does it make you want to start a business or not? Explain.

  6. What channels will you use to market your business to your customers? Explain why you chose the channels you did.

  7. What TV ad really stands out for you and why?  Did it convince you to buy the product? Explain.

  8. Do you have plans in your business plan for business continuity?  What are they?  (Hint: most people don’t think about this until they are ready to get out, sell, or a business partner passes away.  It’s a common problem worth thinking about now. You can Google it for some ideas.) 

  9. Have you served on a board? (For-profit business or non-profit?)  What was your experience?  If you haven’t served, have you experienced a “good” board or a “bad” board?  What was it that made them good or bad?

  10. What legal form of business would you choose for your business and why?

  11. Should the government provide grants for entrepreneurs starting new businesses?  What benefit is it to taxpayers? 

  12. How often should an entrepreneur review their financial statements and why?  (Cash flow, income statement, balance sheet) Explain for each.  Many business owners I work with don’t have them and/or don’t know what a balance sheet is.  Is this an issue?Top of Form

13. Should an entrepreneur watch cash or profits? Explain.  What if they track cash and not profit and vice versa? 

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