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Data Analytics course, business and finance homework help


this is a Data Analytics course, which has two part to be done. 

Part I

1. Identify a public or private database. Clearly describe the steps taken to identify the data base.

2. How did you validate the data?

3. Clean and Organize the data using Excel 2016. (If you have to import the data: Open Excel –> Create new file —> Data Tab –> External Data)

4.Summarize the data using visual models or pivot tables.

You can make the presentation using Excel or Power point. If using Excel make sure all the charts and spreadsheet Tabs are clearly organized.

Part 2

1. Perform descriptive analysis – Mean, Median, Mode, Maximum, Minimum, Range, Standard Deviation for appropriate variables.

2. Identify at least one pattern using Correlation analysis.

3. Use Data model to show the pattern found through Correlation analysis.

4. Interpret the findings

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