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HRMN 495 Week 5 Dq 3 from Amber Bensky

  1. Please respond to this student. Thanks
  2.  Take the self-assessment at the end of module/commentary Five and share which one question/answer highlighted a point that was most compelling to you. Provide your rationale for your answer. 

The question/answer from week 5 that highlighted a point that was compelling to me was question 7.

Question – Rosenberg describes 11 benefits of e-learning. Identify at least five of them.

Answer – According to Rosenberg, e-learning offers the following benefits:

  • lowers costs
  • enhances business responsiveness
  • provides consistent or customized messages, depending on need
  • supplies timely and dependable content
  • allows people to learn 24/7
  • eliminates user “ramp-up” time
  • has universality
  • builds community
  • offers scalability
  • leverages the corporate investment in the Web
  • provides an increasingly valuable customer service

I loved the answer to this question for a few reasons. As a student who has taken online classes for most of my associate’s degree and all of my bachelor’s degree I am very used to and educated on e-learning. I think e-learning is amazing! People always think I am crazy or not as smart for taking online classes instead of going to college at a well-known big university. I always try to explain to them these points about why online has SO many benefits. So I was very happy to read this answer. It is all so accurate. As technology advances and grows things are becoming a lot more online and web based. E-learning is a great thing for more reasons that just the convenience of it. If it wasn’t beneficial there would not be colleges that are offered completely online.

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