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police problem solving, law homework help

Scenario: Put yourself in the shoes of an everyday police officer out patrolling the city and encountering so many situations requiring on the spot decision making and problem solving.

Create a 10 slide presentation using either Microsoft® PowerPoint®  in which you include the following:

  • Identify the sources of information you used to resolve problems.
  • How did different problems in the simulation require different problem solving approaches?
  • Describe the various techniques of analysis you used in your decision making process during the simulation. What different analysis approaches could be used?
  • Use your own perspective to evaluate the approaches used in the community corrections field. Do you agree or disagree with how police agencies currently gather and analyze information on the spot to come up with ways to resolve problems?

Format your presentation consistent with APA guidelines with detailed speaker notes including citations, a title slide, and a reference slide. The tile slide and reference slide count towards the 10 count slide requirement. Feel free to include images as well.

Original Work Only Plagiarized material will be reported.

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