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Ops Management, business and finance homework help

Select one of the key concepts from the module noted below and use it as the focal point of a 300 word essay. Be sure to identify the name of your selected firm(s).

  • Discuss the differences and similarities between operations management in a product-based business (i.e., sells a physical, tangible product) and a service-based business (i.e., sells a service, which has no physical or tangible product).
  • Describe the distinction between goods and services.
  • Compare the differences between production and productivity. How would the operations management team for your selection measure productivity?
  • Explain how to compute single-factor productivity. Provide an example for your selected firm.
  • Compute multifactor productivity. Would this apply for all firms? Why or why not?
  • Analyze the critical variables that enhance productivity. What issues confront leadership in this analysis for a service-based firm?

Base your research on a current scholarly, peer-reviewed source that addresses the same topic as the outcome you have selected.

Minimum 300 Words

At least one source in APA format

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