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In light of both the Northwestern Unionization, Sports Law help

Need Discussion Post With Great Information!!!

In light of both the Northwestern Unionization, or rather lack thereof (see most recent legal standing regarding this here: http://www.bloomberg.com/news/articles/2015-08-17/northwestern-football-players-cannot-form-a-union-nlrb-rules) and the Kessler/OBannon cases (READ THIS:

http://www.cbssports.com/collegefootball/writer/jo… ) I wanted to begin discussion specifically relating to them and the antitrust implications.

I also want to point out an issue that arose at UNC (football) regarding the lack of education. I bring up this point for more than one reason; not only was the issue of education a foundation behind the Unionization efforts (in that Cain wanted to pursue a pre med degree, and was basically told that it was too time consuming and would conflict with practice and games) but, also in light of some of the questions that were presented in your agency questions- most notably whether or not you feel the student athlete should receive compensation beyond their scholarship. Many of you noted that in receiving an education, the student athlete is more than compensated; but, what if they aren’t receiving the education they desire- or even NO education at all?

In speaking with NCAA student athletes, current and past…even with professional athletes (at all levels) I have had interesting dialogue regarding this very subject. Many whom I spoke with, even multi-million dollar professionals said they wished they could have become a Doctor, Therapist, Lawyer, or receive their MBA. Especially disheartening has been speaking with many D1 athletes who weren’t able to go pro, and thus not make the ‘big bucks.’ Many, even with a top degree, cannot get average paying job; their resumes show classes most bosses are not even familiar with and their actual education is only in playing a specific sport.

Please read the following article(s), and the articles from the links above, and comment on thier implications, be sure to insert Antitrust issues. Looking forward to this dialogue.


(be sure to take a look at the link I sent in the email from 4.12.17 also regarding UNC classes)



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