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Module 10: Critical Thinking FIN 500

Critical Thinking: Valuation and Characteristics of Bonds and Stocks (130)

Complete the following problems:

  • Problem 10-1: Bond Valuation 1
  • Problem 10-2: Bond Valuation 2
  • Problem 10-3: Bond Valuation 3
  • Problem 10-4: Preferred Stock Valuation
  • Problem 10-5: Common Stock Valuation 1
  • Problem 10-6: Common Stock Valuation 2
  • Problem 10-7: Cost of Trade Credit
  • Problem 10-8: Cost of Commercial Paper

You can access the problem details by clicking on Valuation and Characteristics of Bonds and Stocks link below.

Complete the problems in an Excel spreadsheet or Word document. Be sure to show your work.

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