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“Brainology” Reading and Annotation

Annotation Worksheet



Rhetorical Context

(Who wrote it or created? Why was it written? What is it

trying to do to or for its readers? What is it? Where does it appear? When was

it published? )



(What does the text say? What are its main points/claims? Sub-

claims? What kind of support does the author use to back these claims up?

What did you find most interesting?)/


What are THREE golden lines from the text (quotes that stood out to you

most)? Why?

Annotation Worksheet



(Is the text convincing? Why or why not? What new knowledge

did you get from reading this text? What strategies does the author use to

convince you?)



(What questions do you have about the text? What would you

ask the author if you could speak to him or her directly)

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