Thesis Outline

Assignment Instructions

Please provide a five to seven page outline of the thesis including all of the required elements listed below. The literature review section should contain just five to seven of the most important references in bibliographic format, no review required. The analysis and conclusion sections need present only what the results are expected to be. APA FORMATTING


a thesis outline must be complete, informational and easy to understand for its usage to be fully maximized by the researcher. A thesis outline should look like this:

  • It must contain the introduction of the research study.
  • A literature review is essential to ensure the need for the study to push through.
  • The research questions that need to be answered should also be stated.
  • A methodological design must be included in the discussion within a thesis outline.
  • The assessment to be followed by the research study once information has already been gathered must also be presented
  • Properly incorporate the way that a conclusion and recommendation may be stated based on the relation of the hypothesis to the results of the study.

The paper is attached, but not completed as more work needs to be added.

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