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Re-Organization and Layoff: Issue and Problem Identification Paper

Re-Organization and Layoff: Issue and Problem Identification Paper

Assignment Requirements:

Review the team members’ discussion and summary and write a paper about it.

I started writing the paper already and haven’t finished it yet.  All I’ve done so far is identify the problem.  I need you to add to it(will be included in attachments section) by:

  • Summarizing the issue.
  • Explaining why this is the underlying problem.

Your addition to the paper(not counting my work) should be at least 350 words long.

Format your paper consistent with APA guidelines.

Additional Requirements:

  • Complete the assignment using your own words with correct spelling, punctuation, and grammar in APA format.  No plagiarism.
  • If you are not using your own words or if you are quoting any information or definitions, make sure to cite the information by using proper APA format citations and don’t forget to include the source of the information as a reference on the references page using proper APA format.


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