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Data Collection

Data Collection

After reading the short section on clinical guidelines in the textbook and the articles on data and information systems, the Quality Improvement Committee asks you to collect some data on diabetic clients at your long-term care facility. You asked the electronic health record (EHR) database administrator to abstract some data from the EHR on all the clients with a diagnosis of diabetes. He gave you the attached file for your use. Your goal is to produce a table and a graph of baseline data so that you can track the progress as the Quality Improvement Committee implements their project.

For this discussion forum, look at the data in Excel and decide if you’d like the database administrator to abstract more columns of data for each client. What additional columns would you like him to abstract? What is your rationale for the additional columns?

Then, In the initial post, state what tables or graphs would you like to present to the Quality Improvement Committee to show the current state of diabetic clients (baseline data) in the LTC. Describe the tables or graphs so that other students know what data you’d like to include. The goal is to create a picture of the current state of diabetes management at the facility.

Third, what baseline quality metrics can you calculate from the data? Why are these metrics important? Is there any additional data that you would need from the LTC for those metrics?

In your responses, discuss if you agree or disagree with the tables and/or graphs that other students have suggested. Give your rationale.

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