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250 word discussion response Data Synthesis, Interpretation, and Presentation

Responses should be a minimum of 250 words and include direct questions. You may challenge, support or supplement another student’s answer using the terms, concepts and theories from the required readings. Also, do not be afraid to respectfully disagree where you feel appropriate; as this should be part of your analysis process at this academic level.

Respond to Chanel:

This week, being the final week of the course, we are to reflect back at what we have learned over the last two months and put all the pieces together.I personally have struggled with research method style courses. This is the third one I have taken, two of them at my Bachelor’s level.This course helped me better understand more of the ins and outs of research methods and how statistical data is gather and presented. In the past I have struggled with remembering the differences between qualitative and quantitative research methods and what theories match with which one.Of course like courses before, certifying that I am using creditable sources and provide accurate data to support my hypothesis.

I certainly would say that the hardest part of this course was week four, doing literature reviews.I say this because I have never really done an official literature review.Sure, in the past I would review resources and decide if that information would be accurate or creditable to use in a paper I was writing but to sit down and analyze the content is something I had not gone so far in-depth with before.Interestingly enough, though considering this was the hardest part for me, I can see myself using this method again as I more forward with my program.

Additionally, I find that the format used for papers and siting sources in this class. And perhaps here at AMU is a learning experience for myself.I completed my BA through University of Phoenix where I did well with formatting papers and citing correctly, or having small errors.With feedback given throughout this course it appears I need to adjust some of my writing styles and educated myself on citing sources differently to safeguard myself from plagiarism.

The easiest part of this course was week one, choosing a research topic/question that I wanted to write about.Naturally, it did take some time and some research to ensure that I could find enough information on the topic, before I choose my question.Actually, I did modify my question over the course as we furthered our knowledge on how to search for sources.Learning how to modify certain words allowed me to find better research, which in the end has allowed myself to narrow down my question. Now my hypothesis question is just that, a question. Whereas, before it was more of a broad subject.

Conclusion paragraphs are typically my favorite part of papers.I like putting all the pieces together at the end and capturing the overall product. I have defiantly learned a lot from this course that I can take with me as I move forward, both in school and with my current job.With my current job, Military Police, we often are trying to figure out a way to produce statistics for a variety of things. Of course the military loves numbers, anyway we are able to produce daily operations into a numerical value to exemplify our job is beneficial for a multiplicity of reasons.We will be able to use these figures to show our shortfalls and our strengths.

Congratulations to everyone for completing eight weeks of hard work. I wish everyone the best of luck as we all move forward in our programs.

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