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concept of data mining, writing homework help

1.  A car dealer has a major problem with unexplained acceleration in several of its top models.  What type of research should the company conduct to determine what to do about the problem? (ie. descriptive, explanatory, causal).  

ØBriefly explain why you chose that answer.

2.  A drug manufacturer is testing a drug developed to treat cancer. During the final stages of research, the drug’s effectiveness is being tested on people for dosage and age groups. However, one of the problems with research is patient mortality during experimentation. Briefly explain how you would use control groups for this research project.

ØProvide a specific example to help answer the question.

3.  A sales force manager needs to have information in order to decide whether to create a custom motivation program or purchase one offered by a consulting firm. What are the dilemmas the manager faces in selecting either of these alternatives?

4.  ABC Company is experiencing a poor inventory management situation and receives two alternative research proposals. Proposal one is to use an audit of last year’s transactions as a basis for recommendations. Proposal two is to study and recommend changes to the procedures and systems used by the materials department. Which would you chose?

ØBriefly describe why you chose that answer.

5.  As area sales manager for a company that manufactures and markets boats, you have must conduct a research study to estimate the sales potential of your products in the Tampa Bay market.  Briefly describe the key issues and concerns that might occur since you have the dual role of manager and researcher.

6.  Briefly describe the major issue of budget constraints in research.

ØProvide a specific example to help explain your answer.

7.  Briefly explain the concept of data mining.

ØProvide a specific example of how the chief of police of a major city could use mined data.

8.  Briefly explain the research project you would recommend for this study:  A study to determine whether it is true that the use of fast-paced music played over a store’s public address system will speed the shopping rate of customers.

9.  Casual studies can be difficult to conduct. Provide a specific example of why it is hard to prove that variable A causes variable B to occur.

10.  In this specific situation, would you would use a personal interview or self-administered questionnaire?  A study of applicant requirements, job tasks, and performance expectations as part of a job analysis of student work-study jobs (150 students) on a college campus of 2,000 students.

ØBriefly explain why you chose that answer.

11.  In your words, briefly explain how qualitative research differs from quantitative research.

ØProvide a specific example of each concept to help explain your answer.

12.  In your words, briefly explain the difference between an exploratory research study and a formal research study.

ØProvide a specific example of each concept to help explain the answer.

13.  Researchers seek causal relationships by either experimental or ex post facto research designs. In your words, briefly explain how these two approaches are similar.

ØProvide a specific example to help explain your answer.

14.  You have been tasked to conduct a research study about customer satisfaction at a call center. Provide a hypothesis for the study.

ØBriefly explain why you chose that answer.

15.  You just received a business research report completed by a consultant. The study is a survey of customer satisfaction based on a sample size of 300.  You have a meeting in two days and have been asked to comment on the quality of the report. Briefly describe the major points that you will look for in the report.


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