BSU Ethical Considerations in Research Study

A. Research Questions & hypotheses

B. Ethical Considerations in Research study


o Differentiate between research questions and hypotheses.

o Discuss with examples the different types of research hypotheses

o Identify the historical events influencing the development of ethical codes and regulations for research. o Identify the ethical principles that are important in conducting research on human subjects. o Describe the human rights that require protection in research. o Explain the functions of the institutional review board (IRB) in research studies o Describe the types of possible scientific misconduct in the conduct, reporting, and publication of healthcare research

QUESTIONS to be answered

Summarize your understanding of this week’s step of the research process

b. What challenges did you encounter in applying this week’s step of the research process?

c. How did you mitigate the challenges?

d. What’re your plans for the next step of the research process?

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