Compare and contrast the Jain and the Hindu understandings of karma

I need a response to this: Compare and contrast the Jain and the Hindu understandings of karma. The definition of karma is thus: “In Hinduism and Buddhism, our actions and their effects on this life and the lives to come. In Jainism, subtle particles that accumulate on the soul as a result of one’s thoughts and actions. (pg.538)” The Hindu believe in reincarnation and how they live this life will determine what they will be reincarnated as in the next. If it is a good life you will be awarded as being reincarnated as something good. If you had bad karma you will be reincarnated as something bad. So they try and lives their lives accordingly. Whereas the Jain believe that karma deals with cleaning or darkening their souls depending on the positive and negative actions they have done in their lifetime. Like the Hindu karma will reflect on who there were and who they will be in the next life. Both try and lead a good life full of positive karma and self reflection. Those who practice both of these religions try and be the best person they can be and help those in need whenever they call on them. This happens because of their direct connection to karma and what it means to them as a Hindu or Jain. Both practice meditation and believe that it has effects on ones karma. Many misunderstand karma and think of it being a single action instead of a lifetime of deeds and undoing. They also misunderstand that there is no consequence to the person for a wrong doing except on their soul. It is a black spot on their soul that could be removed by good deeds in their lifetime. Karma also doesn’t fade away it is with you your entire life. Fisher, M. P. (2014). Living religions (9th ed.). Boston: Pearson.

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