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Ebola Outbreak In Africa Pandemic Public Health Reserch Paper

Public Health Research Paper Topic

This assignment requires that you select a topic from the choices below, or you may choose a different topic that is relevant to the assignment. The topic you choose should reflect thoughtful consideration and expands on what you have learned in this course.

Topic suggestions include:

  • Ebola outbreak (Africa),
  • Ebola preparedness (US),
  • Pandemic flu preparedness (Including your state’s plan),
  • Midwestern floods (2015), or
  • Hurricane Sandy.

Your research paper topic should address at least four main points that will be part of the focus of your research paper.

  • public health planning for the emergency,
  • EMS response for the emergency,
  • community response to the emergency, and
  • community recovery from the emergency.

Your research paper topic should be well-organized and at least one page in length. Within your research paper topic, discuss why you chose your topic, possible research questions you could investigate, and the availability of resources. Include three possible outside sources that you could include in your research paper (due in Unit VIII) and how you plan to use each one.

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