Role of Women in Ancient Greek and Roman Analysis

Your Handbook on Ancient Greek and Roman Women will consist a collection of primary sources that you believe showcase the depth and breadth of ancient Greek and Roman women.

–Your work will be evaluated on

  • its thoroughness,
  • scholarly completion (and excellence) of all parts of the assignment,
  • convincing and pleasing argument,
  • and clarity of writing.

10 Primary Sources

For your handbook, you will choose ten primary sources that you believe illustrate and exemplify the life of ancient Greek and Roman women. These sources must include both literary primary sources, at least two, and also non-literary primary sources (e.g., a statue, a mirror, a vase, etc). These primary sources will come from items you discover in your own research. You must include an array of primary sources rather than focusing on only one kind. Arrange all ten any way you would like. This is your choice, your materials.


For each primary source, you will answer the following questions in this order in this format, one source per page: If it unknown write N/A

  1. Name of item and type of item
  2. Date made or created
  3. Artist or architect or sponsor or commissioner
  4. Provenance–place where made or set up and place where it was found
  5. Place where item is now (if in a museum, you need collection information; if in situ, say so). If a literary source, say merely “found published as (title) across the world.”
  6. Description–what is it? What does it look like? Function?

Be specific and write a lot. You are describing this for someone to both find and understand. Don’t say, for example, “this excerpt describes the condition of housing in Rome”. Instead, say “his excerpt describes Juvenal’s view of housing in Rome; according to him, Roman houses were three or four storeys high, built of timber, unsteady, unsafe, and crowded with inhabitants.” The first sentence suggests but does not provide information, the second sentence makes clear exactly what we can learn from the primary source. This should be several sentences long.

  1. Historical significance–what does it tell us about Greek and/or Roman women? Why/how significant and helpful or important? This should be several sentences long.

Your work in numbers 6 and 7 is the meat of your handbook. You as both a student and traveler readily understand the importance of making connections, of demonstrating the importance and worth of something, and this is your opportunity to showcase your skills at this task. The more you write, the more you can say!

  1. Citations for this piece (e.g., Author, book, publisher, place, year, page number where you found info). Everything you used for your research for this piece.

Each page is Single spaced. 12-point font time new roman. No need for in text citations, but include all info, including page numbers in number 8.

Primary Source

Kore 670, 2 Aphrodite of Knidos, 3 Nicandre statue, 4 on the murder of eratostenes, 5 Hymm to demeter, 6 the are pacis, 7 Juvenal: Satire VI , 8 Perpetua’s Diary in Prison 203 CE , , 9 sarcophagus of metilia, 10 the statue of eumachia

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