basic concepts of Web development paper

When you publish a site on the Web, it can be viewed by people in many different countries. Write a 

2–3 page research paper and be sure to cover the following two discussions related to globalizing a 


1. (Required) Many websites today offer versions in different languages, and sites such as 

Google, Bing®, Babel Fish™ and others can translate your Website text from English into a 

different language. Try one or more of these services on at least one of your Web pages. 

What problems can arise from using one of these direct translation services? When and why 

would you need to use the services of a professional translator to help prepare your website 

for an audience in another country? State three reasons 

2. (Required) Large international companies often provide different versions of their website 

tailored for specific countries. Choose one of these companies and view at least two versions 

of their website tailored for countries other than the United States. What differences did you 

find between the site versions? Why were these specific changes made for the different 

countries at whom the sites were directed? Is there anything else you would consider 

changing to make any of these sites more effective for its audience country? List two changes. 

3. Colors and symbols have different meanings in different cultures. Images which are 

acceptable and effective in one culture may be ineffective or even offensive in another. What 

are some examples of cultural differences in how colors and images are perceived? How 

would you change the colors and images on your website to appeal to a wider global 



1. Your research needs to answer the question(s) or issues stated in the topic chosen. 

2. Conduct Internet research on your topic and cite your sources 

3. Make sure your paper includes the following: 

 Relevant terms are used throughout the paper 

 APA formatting 

 2–3 pages (not including the cover page), double-spaced 

 References cited properly 

 Describe at least one Web-based language translator and its pros and cons. 

 Include at least one example and description of a corporate website that offers the option of 

multiple languages to accommodate different countries and cultures. 

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