Food And Beverage Management Plan – Cost-saving tips Paper

For this assignment, you will need to view this video.

Ryan Gromfin, restaurateur and publisher of Restaurant Boss presents three important restaurant cost-saving tips that you can implement immediately to start saving money and bolster your profit. Labor and food costs are the highest expenses in a restaurant. By using the three cost-saving tips for food, you will save money quickly, with a sizable impact in about a month, and will have made a great impact on your savings by the end of your first year. The three simple ideas that are presented here can lower your food cost without any sacrifice in quality.

For your assignment, develop a written plan to manage and control food costs in your restaurant. Base your plan on the information you learned in the video, your course readings, as well as any additional outside research that you do. Your plan should be approximately 1,500–1,800 words in length. Be sure to properly structure your document in accordance with APA format rules, as well as include references and citations for your sources of information.


The Restaurant Boss. (2013, September 13). Restaurant food cost saving ideas [Video file]. Retrieved from

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