Network Troubleshooting Problem Isolation and Root Cause Mind Map

For this first Part Review mind map, think about troubleshooting serial links and Frame Relay. Think about all the symptoms, whether they are the root cause or whether they help you isolate a problem to get closer to the root cause. Then put them together in a mind map. Basically, if R1 and R2 connect with the same serial link, or the same Frame Relay permanent virtual circuit (PVC), what can prevent them from successfully pinging each other’s IP address? Then organize those into a mind map.

To organize the mind map, start by just listing whatever comes to mind. Then, group the symptoms and root causes. One of the main points is to organize these ideas into your frame of reference, so the organizing of the information is just as important as the individual facts. However, do group the serial link causes into one set and Frame Relay causes in another.

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