please do not chose this question if you do not have the book! 200-250 words only

Please respond to one (1) of the following, using sources under the Explore heading or from your textbook as the basis of your response. You choose the one you like and post a response of 125 words or more. You also need to respond to another post from one of your fellow students. This second post should be at least 60 or so words long and should not just agree with or repeat what has been said. Try to use an example that has not already been used in the discussion and if you do repeat the example, try to bring something new to the discussion.

  • Listen to one (1) composition (i.e., for a symphony) by Beethoven, a transitional figure between classical and romantic music. Identify the composition that you listened to, and determine whether you would characterize the chosen composition as either the Classical or Romantic style of music. Explain the key features that lead you to your conclusion. Identify one (1) modern musician whom you believe was great at one (1) type of music yet pioneered another.
  • Compare the way William Blake saw the Industrial Revolution in England to the way Henry David Thoreau saw technology as it transformed America. Use specific examples from each man’s writing to demonstrate your points. How did the world change right before their eyes? What do their works tell us about the lives of every day people in their countries when confronted by massive technological change? Identify one (1) specific literary or artistic work of our day that effectively protests a social injustice related to new technology.
  • Mary Shelley and Francisco Goya both portray monsters in their works. What do these monsters represent in these works? Use specific examples from their works to explain the changes they saw in their world and the causes of those changes. Talk about an artist today whose work deals with the effect that technological changes have on peoples’ lives in the world today.
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