Engaging Individual Citizens, writing homework help

1. Engaging Individual Citizens- How would you clarify the rewards and benefits to these individuals?
How would you describe their role in the collaboration?
What questions they might ask you and how would you respond to their questions?2. Group Dynamics and the Collaborative Effort: How group dynamics impact collaboration
Evaluate environment, membership characteristics, process and structure, communication, purpose and resources that affect how groups work together.3. Assessing Collaborative Outcomes: Understanding how a project will be assessed, what results will matter, and how these can be measured, is part of the community collaboration planning process. Using the case you are developing and others you have learned about in this course, as well as the articles you located, compare different methods of measuring for results.Which methods make the most sense for the case you are creating, and why?
What will your collaborative partners say about these measurement4. Assessment and Bench-marking of Collaborative Projects: Assessing what kinds of performance measures would be used for a collaboration is one aspect of successful project management. Putting this into practice, however, can sometimes be tricky. How specifically will you plan to assess the performance of the case you are designing?

What steps will you take?
What benchmarks will you use?
How will ‘success’ be defined, and does it mean the same thing to all participants?

This is a series of 4 200-250 word responses for the topics below. Each needs at least one reference. I chose ESL education in New York City as a topic and need to answer the above questions: 1300 words

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