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Microsoft PPT: Performance Management of Expatriates

PS: For examples; Multi-national Companies can be different for each questionQuestion 1 :  How do MNC’s keep track of  “performance management” of their expats ?? Which approach they use. Which method they use.  (2-3 slides)Note: No theory. only real-life examples of companies with real referencesQuestion 2: What are the ways in which performance management of an “EXPATRIATE” differs from the “parent company employees”? (2-3 slides)Note: No theory.  Provide the differences in performance management of an expatriate and a local employee with a real company example with references.Question 3: How Compensation packages are designed for expatriate workers by the company.  Mention what benefits are provided to expatriates (Accommodation, Transportation, Spouse related benefits, Child care, Medical Insurance, Taxe Rebates,  on anything included) (1-2 slides)Note: Provide a real payslip (not too old) of an expatriate and a local employee of the same company with all compensation details.Note: Example of a real company with a detailed approach taken by the company to design the expatriate compensation package.Question 4: Highlight real issues faced by an expatriate working in any MNC related to “appraisal”.  (2 slides)Note: Real expatriate appraisal issues with real MNC with references

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