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module 6

Option #1 and Option #2: Project Management SimulationReview the description of the two simulation options in the Module 8 folder and complete the option that aligns with the Portfolio Project option you selected and have been working on.The project management simulation assignment consists of two parts.Part 1: The Simulation ExperienceRun the simulation, trying various what-if assessments to obtain a better score and complete the designated scenario. In doing so, you will benefit from running the sessions using different options and trying different action items to experience various project challenges. After completing the simulation session for the designated scenario, capture a screen image of the confirmation page showing your total score for the scenario.For Option #1: The simulation experience comprises Scenario A; or,For Option #2: The simulation experience comprises Scenario B.Simulation Link:Project Management Simulation: Scope, Resources, Schedule V2 (Links to an external site.)(Product #: 4700-HTM-ENG)Part 2: EssayAfter completing the simulation, write an essay that addresses the following elements based on the simulation scenario that you performed. (This part is common to both project and assignment options.)Present an overview of the simulation scenario.Explain the intent of the simulation scenario.Relate at least three PMBOK® Guide standards or practices applied in the simulation scenario.Describe your lessons learned based on the what-if assessments. Explain how the methods applied to audit and terminate projects are used to capture lessons learned.Describe how the simulation experience can be used to enter (or advance) your career as a project manager.Describe how proficiency in the use of a project management systems as demonstrated in the PMS Resource Center can be applied to enter (or advance) your career as a project manager.Additional InstructionsProperly organize your writing by including the following:Cover pageIntroductionBody of your work in response to the assignment’s key elements, with headings and subheadingsConclusionList of referencesAppendices—containing captured screen image of the confirmation page showing your total simulation score for each scenario performed.The introduction through conclusion sections of your essay should be approximately 4 pages in length. Support your assignment with a minimum of three scholarly references. The CSU-Global library is a good place to locate these sources. The written section should follow theCSU-Global Guide to Writing and APA (Links to an external site.)standards. Consult theSample Paper (Links to an external site.)template for more information on how to organize the paper and review the rubric for specific grading criteria.

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