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Program Evaluation

As a program director, you would have the responsibility of conducting program evaluations. The Riverbend City scenario, A Day in the Life of a Human Services Leader, provides some insight into how a program director may need to conduct different types of program evaluations to meet various requests for information. This assignment will give you an opportunity to evaluate the three types of program evaluation to determine how the program is most effective in meeting the needs of a specific population.In addition, a program director would adhere to ethical standards.  You will critique the program director’s application of two ethical standards from the National Organization of Human Services relative to these program evaluations.Be sure to address the following:Identify three types of program evaluation that were presented in the Riverbend City scenario.Describe the three types of program evaluation and their application in the scenario.Assess the program, utilizing the three types of program evaluations from the Riverbend City scenario.Examine ethical issues that arise in program evaluation, using at least two ethical standards from the National Organization of Human Services.Critique each program evaluation’s use of multiple stakeholders’ perspectives in determining their effectiveness for meeting the needs of special populations.

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