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respond to two questions

response 1:It’s a pleasure to meet each and every one of you, and I’m delighted to begin this class as we learn from one another over the next 11 weeks and beyond! Desmond Harley is my given name, but you can call me Des. I graduated from Claflin University with a Bachelor of Science in Management. I am currently employed as a Medical Office Manager, where I am responsible for overseeing daily operations, scheduling and coordinating patient appointments, verifying patients’ insurance, supervising office personnel, and updating patient information, to name a few. I enjoy what I do because I enjoy working with people and putting a smile on their faces. Additionally, I am pursuing a Master of Business Administration in Human Resource Management because I am interested in gaining extensive knowledge about human resources in order to work as a Training and Development Specialist and/or Human Resource Director. and become certified in different HR fields. I enjoy training and learning from others, as well as ensuring that an organization hires the right employees who will adhere to the organization’s policies and procedures and help it reach new heights.When a restaurant employee slipped on spilled soup and fell, requiring the evening off to recover, the owner realized that workplace safety was an issue to which she had not devoted much time. A friend warned the owner that if she started creating a lot of safety rules and procedures, she would lose her focus on customers and might jeopardize the future of the restaurant. The safety problem is beginning to feel like an ethical dilemma.Suggest some ways the restaurant owner might address this dilemma. What aspects of human resource management are involved?Business owners have an ethical obligation to ensure workplace safety in order to maximize employee productivity. The ethical challenge that arises in this scenario is a conflict of interest between developing safety standards and procedures to promote a healthy workplace and the business’s goal in retaining its client base. In other words, cloud-based decision-making exists. One solution to this issue is to define important safety practices for the restaurant, such as changing the floor to provide a safe working environment. This contributes to the development of safety expectations by implementing workplace policies that remind employees of their responsibilities while on the job. The owner can integrate the workplace policy into his or her performance management system, mission statement, and code of conduct (Goldenberg et al., 2018). This would ensure that employees adhere to the applicable safety requirements. Additionally, this contributes to the development of a culture of safety. The alternative to this problem is to appoint a safety officer who will verify that all employees adhere to professional standards in the workplace.Training is a vital component of human resource management that plays a role in resolving the ethical challenge. The owner is responsible for training personnel on safety procedures. The training should incorporate a variety of instructional methods to keep staff engaged in learning how to follow safety standards. One way that can be used in this training is simulations that depict scenarios involving how to adhere to safety procedures. Training should emphasize instilling personal values associated with safety. The other human resource component is establishing the tone of safety during the hiring process. This assists in the earliest phases of aligning the safety culture.Reference1. S. M. Goldenberg, T. R. Jiménez, K. C. Brouwer, S. M. Miranda, and J. G. Silverman (2018). Indoor work settings and their impact on health, safety, and human rights among migrant sex workers at the Guatemala-Mexico border: a need for occupational health and safety interventions. International Journal of Public Health and Human Rights, 18(1), p. 9.response two:I’m Taylor from Alabama and new to Strayer this is my first class wish me luck. Looking to make a career and couldn’t think of a better investment in myself and career than furthering my education. Currently working in sales it has it’s perks but I do have a great interest in HR, especially in regards to policy. This course and those to follow will put me in a position to be marketable when making the official move.Safety is extremely important in the work place, and will ultimately improve the customer experience as well.  Employee relations and personnel policy changes to include a handbook defining uniforms that enforce slip resistant shoes to make the chances of falls smaller. When training her employees she should also include courses on how to handle the what if’s of the restaurant; kitchen fires, spills/leaks, and building safety. Annual training should be done to keep it fresh on employees minds, for when there is a spill what to do next. From a legal aspect not having these in place could become a bigger problem for the owner in the long run, this employee doesn’t seem to be severely injured but they could have been.

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