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Prepare a one page memo for your boss briefly summarizing how you concluded the meeting. More importantly, recommend to your boss a course of action for your organization moving forward. Be sure to fully support your recommendations.

HA410 Unit 4 AssignmentUnit outcomes addressed in this Assignment:● Understand four primary responsibilities of a manager.● Apply management skills to solve problems unique to healthcare organizations.Course outcomes addressed in this Assignment:HS410-2: Apply appropriate management principles to best utilize available resources within ahealthcare organization or system.Instructions:Your boss, the Director of Community Relations at a large health organization, has asked you tofill in for him while he is on vacation and to host a meeting of community leaders. The goal ofthe meeting is to consider ways to disseminate important community health bulletins. Manycultures are represented at the meeting and there is a discussion about how to meet thelanguage needs of more than 20 different languages spoken in your organization’s service area.The meeting becomes tense when you must announce that your organization is only preparedto disseminate material in English and Spanish.Prepare a one page memo for your boss briefly summarizing how you concluded the meeting.More importantly, recommend to your boss a course of action for your organization movingforward. Be sure to fully support your recommendations.Paper should be 500 words, strictly on topic and original, no repeatations and using 3-4 scholar references. Please read and follow all the requirement and instruction attachment below and use the assignment grading rubrics below:Unit 3 Assignment RubricInstructors: to complete the rubric, please enter the points the student earned in the green cells of column E. Then determine point deductions for writing, late policy, etc in the red cells to calculate the final grade.Assignment RequirementsPoints possiblePoints earned by studentStudent completely understands the five essential principles of management.0-30Student applies the principles of management to solve a problem.0-30Student works well with teammate to accomplish goals.0-25Student presents a well prepared PowerPoint which includes speaker’s notes and necessary references.0-15Total (Sum of all points)1000*Writing Deductions (Maximum 30% from points earned):Grammar/Punctuation/Spelling:30%Order of Ideas/Length requirement (if applicable):30%Format10%*Source citations30%Late Submission Deduction: (refer to Syllabus for late policy)Adjusted total points0*If sources are not cited and work is plagiarized, grade is an automatic zero and further action may take place in accordance with the Academic Integrity Policy as described in the university catalog.Final Percentage0%NO PHARGIARISM of any kind!

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