one page essay due by tomorrow 2/1 before 6 pm

MASS DISASTERSBrainstorm the types of potential disasters that could occur in your community, resources available, strengths of the community that could be used in the event of a disaster, and available sources of information to report the aftermath of a disaster.Respond to ALL of the following questions:1. To what extent are the individuals and families in the area prepared for a potential disaster?2. Have families in an disaster-prone region (earthquake, hurricane, etc), gathered supplies that will be needed, in the event of a disaster and placed them in an accessible location?3. Have emergency esacpes routes from homes, schools, and other buildings been identified?4. Have families discussed an emergency contact person who can relay messages for and about family members separated in a disaster?5. Do you conclude that these types of preparation have been ignored.One page essayALL in APAMust include At least one peer reviewed nursing journal article

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