BHR 3551 Test 6

Question 11.A key aspect of using networking as a career tactic is that a person should:Answersave networking for most networking by e mail to save with people mostly outside of the company.develop contacts with influential people.4 pointsQuestion 21.A defining characteristic of the yes people type of difficult person is that he or she:Answeravoids promising to meet deadlines.says yes to the boss, but no to coworkers.says no to the boss, but yes to coworkers.rarely delivers on promises.4 pointsQuestion 31.You can tell that Janis has good social intelligence because she:Answerunderstands that good relationships give her energy.people can be manipulated when they are only hostile toward people she perceives to be stupid.being arrogant toward others helps them think more clearly.4 pointsQuestion 41.Which one of the following is the least effective mentoring behavior?Answercounseling with the protégébeing a role model for the protégéhelping the protégé “learn the ropes”solving problems for the protégé4 pointsQuestion 51.A study showed that impression management was the most likely to be effective when the person managing his or her impression:Answerhad good political skill.had poor political skill.was highly introverted.was emotionally unstable.4 pointsQuestion 61.Max and inventory control specialist, has most likely broken through an unwritten boundary when he:Answerattends the company picnic in jeans and a tank top.invites the CEO to visit his cubicle and discuss company goals.invites another inventory control specialist to dinner.sends the tech center a request for help.4 pointsQuestion 71.A key characteristic of positive gossip for relationship building is that it:Answerdoes not identify the people involved in the gossip scenario.does not involve company personnel.focuses on the social life of key personnel.does not attack others.4 pointsQuestion 81.As a trainer, you explain to Pamela that if she learns how to find relevant information on the Internet well, she will be eligible for promotion. You are making use of the learning principle called:Answermotivated interest.concentration.meaningfulness of with trainee defensiveness.4 pointsQuestion 91.The position taken in the human relations text is that organizational politics refers to gaining advantage by:Answerdirty tricks.any means other than merit or luck.the formal use of power.hard work and good performance.4 pointsQuestion 10A point of etiquette to keep in mind when sending e-mail is that:Answerrules of etiquette do not apply to e mail.the way in which you send a message tells something about you.using line justification is a heavy insult.salutations such as “Dear ________” are now regarded as poor etiquette.Question 11Visualize yourself in a full-time professional job working for a company that believed strongly in mentoring. Explain whether you would prefer a mentor for yourself, or be assigned a mentor by the company. What are some traits you would look for in a mentor? APA Guidelines are to be used for your in-text citations and sources.Question 12Etiquette training for people in high-level business positions is more popular than ever. How would you explain the popularity of such training in the recent era? Give examples. APA Guidelines are to be used for your in-text citations and sources.

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