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InstructionsThis assessment addresses the following course objective(s):Assess methods and tools that guide innovation approaches within business organization strategies.Compare global, national, and local approaches to maximize innovation and creativity in IT projects.Select an industry that you are familiar with and create a presentation that describes the 10 categories of innovation as defined by Keely.  Include a discussion of each category and its potential implications for this industry. Based on your knowledge of the business or industry, select two categories of innovation that should be pursued most vigorously. Include a justification for this recommendation.Create a professional-looking presentation that contains the following slides:title slidedescription of the business or industry that you are focusing onone slide per innovation category with the definition of the category and discussion of the implication to this business or industryidentification of two categories that this business or industry should focus onjustification for the selection of these categoriesnext steps that should be taken by the business or industry as a whole to address these innovation categoriesreferences

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