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1) When typing two keywords for your research, type ______ each word to restrict your search only to materials that contain the both terms.a) a comma between,b) semicolon between,c) plus (+) sign beforetd) he word AND between2) You cannot proceed with a Literature Review without:a) a topicb) a primary data.c) an assessment tool.d) relevant articles.3)Citing your sources in a bibliography should include information details such as author’s name, title of article, name of publisher, and:a)article abstract.b) author’s credentials.c) peer review.d) place of publication/production4) Perhaps the most important question a conclusion should answer, after all the reviews and analysis of sources is:a) “What are the future implications?”b) “What does it all mean?”c) “Has the hypothesis been proved or disproved?”d) “What are the next steps?”5) When following APA     style guidelines, one would use _______ for Literature Review.a) the present tenseb) the past tensec) the first persond) the second person6) You must always acknowledge the authors whose ideas you are using and/or whose research you are referencing. Use both citations in parenthesis next to their name and reference their work in the:a) use the passive voice rather than the active voice.b) use the present tense for literature review but past tense for presenting conclusions.c) use first person reference when appropriate instead of third person.d) refer to people in the study as subjects.

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