Lesson 13 Discussion· Read the vignette on “Seth” at the beginning of the Development in Middle Adulthood section of your textbook. Answer the following: What stage of Erikson’s Theory of Psychosocial Development are they currently in? Are they meeting the goals of this stage? Examples? Are they demonstrating any struggles with their goals in this stage? Examples?A minimum of 250 words or one page.Lesson 14 DiscussionAs stated in your textbook: “Midlife adults in the United States often find themselves in college classrooms. In fact, the rate of enrollment for older Americans entering college, often part-time or in the evenings, is rising faster than traditionally aged students”.Why do you believe the rate of enrollment for older individuals is rising faster than traditionally aged students? Are there any barriers that a middle-aged person might experience enrolling in college compared to doing it when they were a young adult? Despite your age, what challenges have you faced with your schooling thus far, and have you found any solutions to help make it less challenging? The minimum length expectation is 1 page (250 words).

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