Personal Reflection

After completing the exercise you should have some idea of your potential for being a professional counselor.  You may use the questions as sub-headings. (APA format required)What are my three best personal qualities and the three      areas in my life I wish to improve?If I was asked what was my philosophy of life, how      would I respond?What is most often my pervasive mood? Is my glass half      full or half empty?What do I believe about people in general?How effectively do I handle constructive feedback from      others?What role do my gender, religion, sexual orientation,      and ethnic values play in my life?What are my professional strengths and weaknesses      relative to being a counselor?What are my professional goals at this point?How do I handle stress?What is your motivation for becoming a helper? How do      my answers to the questions above detract or add to my goal of becoming a      counselor?This exercise was adapted from material by Dr. Glenda Reynolds, Auburn University at Montgomery.  Her contribution is greatly appreciated.

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