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Phishing Attacks on Smartphones – Dissertation

Draw a model and send it to me. Showing how your independent variables will flow into your dependent variables.What type of assessment? Quantitative method, what type of design?What technique? Is the technique from your literature? Is it a known technique that has been used in another study for a different purpose?What domain of security and privacy in smartphones? As I said before to you and the class, saying security and privacy is too general.What you put for your variables isn’t right. What are you going to measure or quantify for your variables? Is this backed by the literature you found, if so then there should be a model that the researcher constructed? You wouldn’t include age/education as variables. How would you measure culture, life experience, personality? How would you measure internet usage, email experience, and understanding of smartphone phishing? Is there an existing survey instrument that you are going to use?

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