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Consider the following 3NF relations about a sorority or fraternity.

Consider the following 3NF relations about a sorority or fraternity.MEMBER(member_ID, Name,Address, Dues_Owed)OFFICE(Office_Name, Officer_ID, Term_Start_Date, Budget)EXPENSE(Ledger_Number, Office_Name, Expense_Date, Amt_Owed)PAYMENT(Check_Number, Expense_Ledger_Number, Amt_Paid)RECEIPT(Member_ID, Receipt_Date, Dues_Received)COMMITTEE(Committee_ID, Officer_in_Charge)WORKERS( Committee_ID, Member_ID)Foreign keys are not indicated in these relations. Decide which attributes are foreign keys and justify this.Draw an ER diagram for these relations, using your answer to problem 1Explain the assumptions you made about cardinalities in your answer to problem 2. Can you see why ER diagrams are considered more semantically rich than the relational model.

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