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IT 640

Please review the attached as the below will be the last section. 2 pages required. $10 budget.IV. Planning and SecurityA. Recommend the best approach to mitigate the potential performance and security issues that you previously identified, and defend yourresponse.B. Recommend a network management tool to implement into the future network and explain its potential benefit to the organization.C. Recommend types of security devices that you would implement into the existing network, and explain how the devices would mitigatepotential security issues.D. Explain the changes that need to be made to existing devices on the network in order to successfully integrate the security devices into thefuture network design.E. Describe specific challenges that the organization might face as it attempts to implement the future network, and recommend ways to mitigatethose challenges.F. Concisely explain the overall risk for the network and the organization of not keeping security services up to standard

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