IT Project Management

Assignment: Prepare a Scope Management PlanBase the assignment on a fictional business that has its own in-house development staff. Pick an IT-related project that is sufficiently large/complex that will take between 9-12 months to complete. One of the purposes of the plan is how you will deal with scope creep. There is no required format, but it should be well organized, easy to understand. You will be graded on both the content and your level of understanding of the topic.Purpose: To demonstrate your understanding of managing project scope.Content: Your plan must have the following sections:IntroductionManagement ApproachRoles and ResponsibilitiesScope DefinitionProject Scope StatementGathering RequirementsWBSScope VerificationScope ControlNormally, the plan should have the following:The management approach would include the type of “model” (like waterfall)You’d have a listing of the WBSsYou’d have how often the workers report their statusYou’d have how you plan to control scope creepThe verification would include how you know you met the requirementsRequirements:At least 3 pages (single spaced) long.No more than 35% of the content is copiedExpectations: A single Microsoft Word document

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