Apply: Case Study: Appliance Warehouse – Application Implementation

CMGT/445: Application ImplementationWeek 4 – Apply: Case Study: Appliance Warehouse – Application ImplementationAssignment ContentAssignment ContentDevelopment and implementation of the new Service Department for Appliance Warehouse.DirectionsRead the messages in Appliance Warehouse Webmail Client Emails to help determine the tasks you must complete.MESSAGESCarlie Davis July 26, 2020Hi John,Our lead developer was recently certified in Scrum, one of the agile methodologies, and would like to try to manage this project using scrum.In order for her to do this, she needs us to rewrite the requirements list you previously created as user stories. Just to remind you, a user story looks like this:As a , I want so that I can .For example: As a taxi driver, I want directions so that I can quickly get to my next customer.Please rewrite all of your requirements as user stories and I will pass it on to our development team.CarlieTesting and TrainingCarlie Davis July 27, 2020Hi John,The developers have requested to view your testing plan for SIM. Can you give me a sample of the tests you are planning to run? Show me examples of the unit tests, integration tests, and system tests.Also, have you developed the training plan? Who are you planning to train and what functionality are you planning to teach the different classes of users?It’s all starting to come together now!CarlieRolloutCarlie Davis July 28, 2020Hi John,As we near the end of the development stage for SIM, I have implementation questions. How do you plan on rolling out the new SIM system? Which technique did you decide to use? Why do you think this the best technique? Please explain the rationale for your choices.CarlieCreate a 2- to 3-page document to support the Appliance Warehouse Service Plan that includes the following:Testing Plan:Create a testing plan to manage the systems through QA standards. Include a testing plan for each part of the new service you’ve identified, such as, scheduling, invoicing, and reporting. For each part identified, include in your testing plan an action to be tested, along with an expected outcome.Implementation Plan:Indicate whether you will use parallel, direct, phased, or pilot changeover strategies. Explain your reasoning for Implementation recommendations.Training Plan:Indicate what a training plan would include for affected employees, such as appointment setters, technicians, management, and the parts department. Include a plan for all employees (or specific departments) affected by the new system implementation.

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