SaaS Computing and its impact on the workplace

To complete this assignment, each group must adhere to the following procedures and steps:You need to think about:the research processthe benefit of this research process to you, your corporation, your institution, or your future job.How this process of research will help you position yourself in any future setting, and make you a shining star. Think of a positive worldview.This is a group project.Discuss among yourselves: The project, the status, and the need to execute the project.Discuss among yourselves: The benefit of the project.First Step:     In a few words, two pages long, submit your Practica Connection Assignment with supporting sources, in-text citation, and references list.4.1.- Why did you (“your group”) select the topic for your research project (50-words). (Cite two references from Peered-Reviewed Journals)4.2.- What are the major contributions of this project “To your organization” (70-words). (Cite two references from Peered-Reviewed Journals)4.3.- Can you use this process of research in a corporate setting (50-words)?4.4.- How can you use the Annotated Bibliography to further understand the benefits of your research. (50-words).4.5.- State the summary of your finding (75-words).4.6.- Indicate the need for future research (50-words) (Cite two references from Peered-Reviewed Journals)4.7.- State your conclusion (75-Words). (Cite two references from Peered-Reviewed Journals)NOTE: The PCA must include: 1.- Title Page, 2.- Tabel of Content, 3.- Abstract, 4.- Major Section of the Paper, 5.- List of References, 6.- Certificate of Authorship, and 7.- Short-bio.

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