8-4. Search Facebook for Sedona, Arizona. Examine a variety of Sedona-area pages that you find. Using the knowl- edge of this chapter…

8-4. Search Facebook for Sedona, Arizona. Examine a varietyof Sedona-area pages that you find. Using the knowl-edge of this chapter and your personal social mediaexperience, evaluate these pages and list several posi-tive and negative features of each. Make suggestions onways that they could be improved.8-5. Repeat question 8-4 for another social media provider.As of this writing, possibilities are Twitter, LinkedIn, and Pinterest, but choose another social media provider ifyou wish.8-6. The purpose of a Chamber of Commerce is to foster ahealthy business climate for all of the businesses in thecommunity. Given that purpose, your answers to ques-tions 8-4 and 8-5, and the knowledge of this chapter,develop a set of 7 to 10 guidelines for local businesses toconsider when developing their social media presence.8-7. Sedona has quite a number of potentially conflict-ing community groups. Explain three ways that theChamber of Commerce can use social media to helpmanage conflict so as to maintain a healthy businessenvironment.8-8. Examine Figure 8-6 and state how the focus of each of theprimary value chain activities pertains to the Chamber ofCommerce. If one does not pertain, explain why. In youranswer, be clear about who the Chamber’s customers are.8-9. Given your answer to question 8-8 and considering yourresponsibility to manage the Chamber’s social mediapresences, state how each applicable row of Figure 8-6guides the social media sites you will create.8-10. Using your answers to these questions, write a job de-scription for yourself.8-11. Write a two-paragraph summary of this exercise that youcould use to demonstrate your knowledge of the role ofsocial media in commerce in a future job interview.

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