Midterm Part 1: Implementation Plan for Securing and Protecting Sensitive Information

Over the last two weeks, we’ve explored considerations regarding the security and privacy of consumer financial information and healthcare information, amongst others. For this assignment, you’ll pick one of two fictitious organizations and write a five to ten (5 to 10) slide, narrated implementation plan, presentation, directed towards executive leadership with a moderate knowledge of IT. You can choose either:Financial Trust – a financial institution that engages in financial activities and must protect nonpublic personal informationHealthcare.org – a covered entity that transmits health information in electronic formImplementation Plan RequirementsFor this assignment, you will submit a voice-over PowerPoint presentation. The presentation should include an introduction, conclusion, and reference slides. In addition, the presentation should include 5 to 10 slides of content based on supplemental research using scholarly resources. At a minimum, your presentation should answer the following questions. In addition, you should address two to three additional concepts based on your research. Cite all of your references using APA format.Introduction – describe the industry the organization works in, the importance of security and privacy to the organization, and the type of sensitive information being protected.Industry-specific legal considerations – describe, at a minimum, the federal regulations in place the organization must comply with and the specific requirements. You can be creative and also incorporate state laws and other industry standards.Threat landscape and impact – describe the potential threats or attacks facing the organization and the business, consumer, or societal impacts if the leadership team does not take these concerns seriously. Leverage real-world examples to augment your discussion.Action Plan – describe examples of administrative, technical, and operational controls the organization could implement and any other associated strategic recommendations.Leadership Requests – elaborate on any specific resources, funding, or other support you need from leadership for your plan to be successful.Assignment SubmissionDraft a five to ten (5 – 10)-slide, narrated presentation (The presentation should include an introduction, conclusion, and reference slides.)Utilize at least five (5) cited outside sources, using APA citation format – including these as the end of your presentationSubmit your completed assignment to CanvasNeed assistance with the narrated presentation? Refer to theKaltura Captureresources for assistance.View RubricMidterm: Part 1 RubricMidterm: Part 1 RubricCriteriaRatingsPtsContent Qualityview longer description55 ptsFull CreditApply knowledge from coursework and/or outside resources in a manner that is coherent, thorough, and relevant to the topic. Clearly explain your argument/point so that your instructor. Provide evidence to support your argument/point.0 ptsIncompleteIncomplete/not demonstrated/ 55 ptsStructure and Presentationview longer description10 ptsFull CreditFollow basic rules of strong presentation skills, including a clear agenda, logical organization and transitions, clear and appealing slides, and recap of main points.0 ptsIncompleteIncomplete/not demonstrated/ 10 ptsCitations and Spellingview longer description10 ptsFull CreditUse Proper APA formatting when citing your sources. Base your ideas on research or theory. When you use someone’s words exactly, quote, and cite. Check your document for proper grammar, formatting, and spelling.0 ptsIncompleteIncomplete/not demonstrated/ 10 pts

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