Project #2

Course Project | Week 5 – Deliverable #2In Week 5, you are to further mature your technology solution proposal reviewed in your first deliverable during week 3.Project #1 – SWOT AnalysisProject #2 – Project Proposal Draft (this assignment)Project #3 – Completed Proposal and PresentationPlease ensure you have integrated previous instructor comments as appropriate as well. The following deliverables are due as part of the Week 5 submittal, and you have latitude to use a format that conveys professionalism and comprehensiveness. There are no page requirements for this assignment, but student work should include the items discussed below.Note: To earn an “Excellent” as defined in the rubric  – Please complete independent research and expand the topic to clearly demonstrate Mastery of the Subject – Through the Lens of Management.Executive SummaryScope Management (Ch. 3)Discuss the Project ScopeHigh Level Functional Decomposition of SolutionProject Schedule with Milestones (Ch. 3)Utilize Excel or MS Project to Build a Gantt ScheduleInclude Critical Path CalculationCreate a Work Breakdown Structure that Mirrors Project Schedule TasksOutsourcing (Ch. 4)Identify any WBS tasks to be outsourced and identify potential vendorsInclude a discussion on an appropriate SLAIdentify any WBS tasks to be on premises versus cloud based and identify potential hosting vendorsInclude a discussion on an appropriate SLADiscuss whether this will be private, hybrid, or public cloud hosted and whyGovernance (Ch. 5)Identify any WBS tasks that have Business Continuity RequirementsInclude a discussion on an appropriate SLADiscuss whether this will be hot, hybrid, or cold site and whyAppendixAdd SWOT Analysis from Week 3You should utilize a Table of Contents, headings, citations, etc. as appropriate. You are purposefully being given some latitude here to solve this problem just as you would in a real world setting.View RubricProject #2Project #2CriteriaRatingsPtsExecutive Summaryview longer description15 ptsExcellent9 ptsGood6 ptsFair0 ptsUnsatisfactory/ 15 ptsScope Managementview longer description10 ptsExcellent6 ptsGood4 ptsFair0 ptsUnsatisfactory/ 10 ptsProject Schedule with Milestonesview longer description30 ptsExcellent18 ptsGood12 ptsFair0 ptsUnsatisfactory/ 30 ptsOutsourcingview longer description20 ptsExcellent12 ptsGood8 ptsFair0 ptsUnsatisfactory/ 20 ptsGovernanceview longer description20 ptsExcellent12 ptsGood8 ptsFair0 ptsUnsatisfactory/ 20 ptsAppendixview longer description5 ptsExcellent3 ptsGood2 ptsFair0 ptsUnsatisfactory/ 5 ptsTotal Points: 0Choose a submission typeSubmission type Upload, currently selectedUploadMore submission optionsMoreSubmit file using Webcam PhotoWebcam PhotoSubmit file using Canvas FilesCanvas Files

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