please use the attached note to create a mock up for number learner. The number learner should be for kids between 4 to years old.Number learner.Create a screen with a specific number of items that goes through counting how many items are on the screen.The example should relate to kids between 4 to 6 years old.EX:the lesson that teaches the number 3 has 3 apples evenly spaced out on the screen.  The app says “1” and highlights the first apple.  Then the app says “2” and highlights the second apple. Etc.•  create a quality prototype• If you are designing a device, be creative.• As your product is a screen interface (web, app, etc.) it must be done completely with a mockup software. No hand-written (paper) interfaces are accepted, no coded prototypes either. Youmust useo NinjaMock :• Your prototype has to be able to demonstrate all of the use cases on the storyboards

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