Corey’s Home wk 3 CMGT/582

Refer to Cruisin’ Fusion, Part A in Wk 2.The Cruisin’ Fusion taco trucks are gaining popularity, fueling a demand for an order-ahead option on the website. After careful consideration, the team has decided to add shopping cart software to the Cruisin’ Fusion website to meet this demand.Research various shopping cart software to determine the best choice for website.Write a 1- to 2-page blog post to launch this new feature and to reassure your customers that placing online orders is safe. Your blog post should do the following:Introduce the order-ahead option.Explain the differences between ethics, organizational policies, and laws.Analyze how the new shopping cart software upholds ethical trends in consumer privacy.Describe organizational policies that will be implemented to help protect consumer data.Examine ethical considerations for maintaining confidentiality and consumer data.Describe the various privacy laws and regulations upheld with the shopping cart software.

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