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                        Franklin University

 Doctoral Studies Comprehensive Exam 

Doctor of Business Administration 

DISS 9000 – E1WW FA22

 Abdi Warsame Retake 

Please provide a title page at the beginning utilizing the following format: 

Franklin University 

(Appropriate degree) Comprehensive Exam Submitted by Abdi Warsame

       in Partial Fulfillment 

of the Requirements for

 the degree of (appropriate degree)

 (Date submitted) 

Please submit written responses to the questions found below. Please remember that each question in the comprehensive exam stands alone and you must score above 84% for each

 question to be considered as having passed the overall exam. You should plan for about seven to ten pages per question, although that is only a guideline and not a strict requirement. 

Consider a maximum page length of ten to twelve pages per question, again as a guideline. You will add complete citation pages at the end of each question’s written response.

 Students may not use prior work verbatim for more than 10% of any single question, even if proper self-citation is used. Violating this will be deemed as unacceptable for grading purposes. This work is to be substantially new research and writing, not recycling of prior work. Please see the rubric for specific criteria. 

  Your responses should abundantly cite scholarly work through citations and references; at least 60% of your references should be from relevant peer-reviewed literature published in the last ten years. You must follow current APA guidelines, including writing in third person. Please do not apply the first person or uncited declarative statements. 

Please utilize the following guidelines: Times New Roman Font, 12-point, double-spaced, 1- inch margins with appropriate citations. Consider each question, including all subpoints, to be one question. You should write a separate response for each of the three comprehensive exam questions. Your response to each question should address all subpoints of the question in a comprehensive manner. Please do not respond to each subpoint as a separate question; rather, we are asking you to draft one comprehensive and interwoven response to each question with all subpoints taken into consideration.  

 Your written responses must be in three separate document files (one document file for each question response) with references listed at the end of each response in each document file. You will need to upload each document file three times in Canvas one document file for each of your committee members. Your committee members will each assess the A, B, or C submissions. So, you will upload your same written response in the same document file with references at the end in three submission areas: • Upload written response to Question #1 to Q1 for Evaluator A, Q1 for Evaluator B, and Q1 for Evaluator C 

• Upload written response to Question #2 to Q2 for Evaluator A, Q2 for Evaluator B, and Q2 for Evaluator C

 â€¢ Upload written response to Question #3 to Q3 for Evaluator A, Q3 for Evaluator B, and Q3 for Evaluator C All submissions are due by Sunday, September 8, 2022, at 11:59 p.m. You are allowed these seven days to complete the exam. If you have a clarifying question after you receive the exam, you may ask the program chair for your degree or dean of doctoral studies. You should not direct those questions to your former Doctoral Faculty Advisor, your Academic Advisor or any member of your committee (unless one of the program chairs serves on your committee and you ask in the program chair role). If you contact anyone through text, please identify yourself as you are likely not already in their phone. Feel free to email as well. 

Question 2. Research & Ethics Question:

 Locate and select a scholarly journal article published in the last five years or less related to your research interests and/or specialization in either quantitative, qualitative, or mixed methods. Based on the selected article address the following: 

• Evaluate the strengths and weaknesses of the study. 

• Discuss theoretical and/or conceptual framework utilized in the study; what stood out for you regarding the theoretical and/or conceptual framework? Would you have used the same framework given the research problem under consideration? Why or why not?

 â€¢ Analyze data analysis techniques and procedures utilized in the study. Were the techniques and procedures optimal? Why or why not? 

• What would you have done differently from the authors and why to enhance the quality of the article

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