four to five full pages long, double-spaced, font size 12 and Times New Roman or Arial. Make sure to answer all the questions below and to write your answers in the following order identifying each question. Be as clear, organized, and systematic as possible so you know where your points come from, or where you missed points. (4 points)1) a) From 1 to 5, rank the following in order of degree of influence in your personality/life: genetics (attributes, an illness, a physical condition), skin color, family (specific relatives), language, knowledge, where you live, natural environment, gender, friendships, school, church, and economic situation. (1 point)…….mines is (1.Where you live(Liberty City,Miami,Florida), 3. skin color(black) 4.economic situation 5.knowledge)b) Talk about one or two specific examples. (2 points)2) Discuss if there has been a change in the degree of influence, as in: “when I was a child it was more my family, but later it was my friendships.” Talk about if the change was good or bad, restricting or liberating, and so forth. (2 points) (my influence changed from watching drug dealers and watching them make money to watching Football players take care of their family)3) Mention at least 2 people you admire and why (2 points). (God dad because he”s very ambitious and business savy and mom because she nevers gives up)4)  Discuss 3 pros and 3 cons of aging. (3 points)5) Mention something you have learned from another culture that is different from your own. Discuss your experience. (2 points)6) What is your ideal of a) a person, and b) of the world. You can talk about the biggest problems in life and the world, in order to contrast them with the ideal. (2 points) (Lebron James)7) How do you think this class can help you as a person? Be as specific as possible. Relate to you personally and to contemporary issues and society. (2 points) (Anthropology class)APA 6. 3 references

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