respond in a paragraphAfter watching How Great Leaders Inspire Action, discuss how you relate to one of the leaders mentioned in the video. What is your Why Story? What legacy do you desire to leave behind? How do you plan on communicating this with others?In two diferent paragraph give your personal opinion to Marivette Bedoya  and  Jordan PaltaniMarivette BedoyaThroughout my time here at Purdue, I have become familiar with the services that career services offers. I had submitted my resume to career services on many different occasions. However, I currently have a job and will not be using their services anytime soon, until after I completely finish schooling. Career services, overall can help me improve my resume format as more time passes and as I obtain for experience.As a result of my research, I have learned so much in the way that opioids are metabolized and how they affect the neurology of the human body. There are several medications that help counteract the opioid affects to also aid in the process of withdrawals. However, there were not enough scholarly reviews articles that discussed the neurological deficits that individuals may have from consuming opioids. The brain is still and organ that we have yet to learn everything about.My why story can be quite long and complex. However, since I have children, within them I tend to leave my legacy. Within my legacy, I tend o strive to do everything I possible can to the best of my ability to make a better outcome and learn from my mistakes. I always attempt to help others in need by giving back to my community and performing community service to help the underserved. I like to believe that will you help others there is always something to be gained. A lot of time that thing that is gained is a feeling of helpfulness and happiness, knowing that you have helped someone else in a way that they might not be able to help themselves.Jordan PaltaniCareer Services can further help you in your job search by being able to utilize the search engine job that has jobs posted from around the world specific to my interests and degree. I plan to utilize this helpful resource by searching for jobs in regards to organ transplantation coordination or psychology coordinating.I have learned as a result of your research more recommendations to increase the kidney donor shortage such as using cardiac death patients (non-beating heart donors) and the use of xenotransplantation in growing or engineering kidneys without the use of human donors. “Aha” moments did I experienced included on how we can engineer artificial kidneys from either tissues or change the genes from an animal.I relate to the Wright Brothers as mentioned in the video. I am driven by a cause, which is organ donation. My Why Story began at a young age when I was diagnosed with end stage renal failure. I have had three kidney transplant between the ages of 10 and 26. I have grown up in the hospital and want to give back and make awareness.

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